Beta testers needed!

Babelshot still needs 20 beta testers to test around the edges and polish out user experience. You can see what the app currently looks like here and here. The requirements are simple:

  • iPhone 3GS or previous generation iPhone with Clarifi case is recommended (but not required). Original iPhone and iPhone 3G without Clarifi case are limited to translating large fonts only and with lower OCR quality. iPod Touch owners are limited to manual input only.
  • Non-English and second language speakers are welcome.
  • Previous beta testing experience is a plus

What is expected from you:

  • Install and use the app for reasonable period time
  • Report any bugs or issues noticed.
  • Provide honest feedback on general look and feel of the app.

If interested, comment here, send me your device ID to or via DM @babelshot on Twitter. You can find device ID (UDID) in iTunes when device is connected. Let the fun begin! 

11 thoughts on “Beta testers needed!

  1. Leandro Ardissone

    I’m interested in test it. I’m a native Spanish speaker but I also speak English. I’ve a Clarifi case on my iPhone 3G.

  2. andrei_c

    Leandro – I really appreciate it. Please send your device ID to me at I will then generate an ad-hoc build for you. You can find device ID on Summary page in iTunes when device is connected. If you don’t see it on Summary page, but see serial number instead, click on serial number to expose device ID. Andrei

  3. andrei_c

    Jason, see my comments above. Send me your device ID using any method above, I will send you app and instructions. Thanks!

  4. Mary Hutchison

    Hi, How long will the beta testing go on for?I am a native English speaker but will be living in Mexico City for a month this February. Then I will be living in Japan for 3 months next summer 2010.

  5. andrei_c

    Hi Mary,Babelshot is already submitted in the app store and expected to be available within weeks. Still, I can generate an ad-hoc build for you today – just send me your device ID!

  6. Kirill Vinokurov

    My advice, to add option use the pic’s for translation from the pic’s gallery (not only from camera pic’s at real time)I can be a tester for the app (i know the hebrow and russian lang)If you can add the option to translate from russian & hebrow from pic’s of camera, it will perfect app for all of the rassian imigrants in Israel.

  7. Kirill Vinokurov

    And what about to add option use the pic’s for translation from the pic’s gallery? (not only from camera pic’s at real time)

  8. andrei_c

    It’s already in beta testing. If you would you like to try it, send me your iPhone UDID and I’ll make you an ad-hoc build.

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