Free promo codes available [GONE]


I have over 20 promo codes for Babelshot that I need to distribute before they expire. Babelshot is an ultimate translation app for iPhone. It translates text snapped with iPhone camera into any of 48 supported languages. You can see how the app looks and works in these posts: 1, 23.

To claim your free code, follow @babelshot on Twitter and retweet this status: . Then I will DM your code within several hours.

Promo codes are available on first come – first serve basis and in US app store only.

UPDATE: All promo codes gone. Stay tuned, there will be more available in November.

2 thoughts on “Free promo codes available [GONE]

  1. stephen barnes

    great app. my wife is chinese. i would love to see chinese supported in camera mode and pinyin also. any chance it can be given the ability to email the result? this could be used as a wonderful translator as most just translate single words, not entire sentences. if it could translate english to pinyin chinese that be immense in learning to speak fluently with my wife.considering i have every translator in the app store currently, i would pay much more for something like this that would be so much more usefull. keep up the great work

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