Babelshot 1.0.1 hit the app store

First update has been approved by Apple stuff and is available now. The most important change is dramatically improved quality of Italian and Dutch OCR. If you are traveling into Italy or The Netherlands, be sure to install the update before you go. For everyone else, there are some decent improvements in other languages and a few bug fixes.

7 thoughts on “Babelshot 1.0.1 hit the app store

  1. Simon

    Hey guys, I played with Babelshot today. It’s a great achievement so far. I live in Japan though, so Japanese OCR is what I’m looking for. Can you give me the rough timeline when (if) it will be implemented? Also, Chinese would be handy too.

  2. andrei_c

    Simon – the problem is that current iPhone CPU is barely enough for recognition of Latin languages. Japanese and Chinese scripts would be terribly slow. These languages require processing power that even the fastest of current devices – iPhone 3GS – does not have.That said, I will look into adding Japanese and Chinese OCR when Apple ships next generation iPhone with (hopefully) faster CPU and better resolution camera.

  3. Simon

    Thanks for the info! Have you considered using the iDevice for capture only, i.e. offloading the OCR to a server? If cost is an issue, also consider that I (and I can’t be the only one) would happily pay for a service like that.

  4. benito

    Babelshot is a great product! It would be even better if you could load images from the camera roll as well as directly from the camera. I like that it can be used for straight OCR as well as translation.

  5. Almarma

    Hi,I just bought your app and I’m quite happy with it. But also I would like to give you a couple of suggestions about OCR, which I think is the main handicap for this app:First, is the same as Benito: to use images from camera roll. And even, it would be great if I could import an image from my computer with a scanned document and use Babelshot to recognize it.Second, is to improve the photo quality. How? I think that the best way is to improve stabilization, as other apps do: when you shoot one image, the system really shoot several times, and it auto select the best one (the sharpest one). If you improve the image adquisition, you improve the OCR quality, and the precision of the whole app. The best you can do to improve the quality of the image, the best for the whole app is.Also a very simple slider to adjust the image contrast could improve the OCR quality, right?I hope any of these ideas could help you to improve the app. And thanks for it. It’s very useful for me, as I moved to another country (Norway) and I need a lot of translations everywhere I go ;)

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