Big promo codes giveaway!

We have plenty of free promo codes to give away. Each code allows you to install the ultimate translator app on your iPhone completely free (instead of regular price $2.99.) You can see what the app does and how it works in the app store:

Promo codes are valid for US app store only. To grab your code, follow @babelshot and send us a message. Retweet the news, forward to your friends – we have many promo codes available and all must go before they expire!

Babelshot 1.0.1 hit the app store

First update has been approved by Apple stuff and is available now. The most important change is dramatically improved quality of Italian and Dutch OCR. If you are traveling into Italy or The Netherlands, be sure to install the update before you go. For everyone else, there are some decent improvements in other languages and a few bug fixes.

Free promo codes available [GONE]


I have over 20 promo codes for Babelshot that I need to distribute before they expire. Babelshot is an ultimate translation app for iPhone. It translates text snapped with iPhone camera into any of 48 supported languages. You can see how the app looks and works in these posts: 1, 23.

To claim your free code, follow @babelshot on Twitter and retweet this status: . Then I will DM your code within several hours.

Promo codes are available on first come – first serve basis and in US app store only.

UPDATE: All promo codes gone. Stay tuned, there will be more available in November.

App description and PR kit (rev. 10/28/09)

The first translator in the app store that supports input from iPhone camera!

Automatically translate restaurant menus, hotel booklets, product manuals, or snippets from books and newspapers without typing anything on iPhone keyboard. Simply take a close-up picture of printed text and this app will recognize and immediately translate it into another language (see hardware requirements below). As a backup to camera input, you can always enter text manually, just like with any other translator app.

Languages supported for camera input: Afrikaans, Albanian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish.

Languages supported for manual input: all of the above, plus Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Persian, Russian, Serbian, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

You can translate text into any language listed above, regardless of input method used.

Hardware requirements:
✓ For full camera input capabilities, iPhone 3GS or previous generation iPhone with Clarifi case is required.
✓ iPhone and iPhone 3G users without Clarifi case are limited to translating larger text only (1/4″ or bigger), or using manual input.
✓ iPod Touch users can only use manual input.
✓ Wi-Fi or cellular connection is required for translation but not for text recognition.

✓ Input text using iPhone camera or by typing it on keyboard.
✓ Rotate photo to achieve correct orientation.
✓ Preview text recognition results and correct if needed.
✓ Save translated text along with original photo or text for future reference.
✓ If Internet connection is not available, your input can be optionally saved and translated later when connection restores.
✓ Copy and paste translated text into outgoing e-mail or SMS.
✓ Convenient button for swapping source and target languages.
✓ Polished and streamlined user interface.
✓ Completely ad-free.

Things we are working on in future versions (see website for updates):
✓ Adding camera input for more languages.
✓ Improving speed and accuracy of text recognition.
✓ Optimizing text selection workflow.
✓ Landscape mode.

Screenshots (single zip file):

Beta testers needed!

Babelshot still needs 20 beta testers to test around the edges and polish out user experience. You can see what the app currently looks like here and here. The requirements are simple:

  • iPhone 3GS or previous generation iPhone with Clarifi case is recommended (but not required). Original iPhone and iPhone 3G without Clarifi case are limited to translating large fonts only and with lower OCR quality. iPod Touch owners are limited to manual input only.
  • Non-English and second language speakers are welcome.
  • Previous beta testing experience is a plus

What is expected from you:

  • Install and use the app for reasonable period time
  • Report any bugs or issues noticed.
  • Provide honest feedback on general look and feel of the app.

If interested, comment here, send me your device ID to or via DM @babelshot on Twitter. You can find device ID (UDID) in iTunes when device is connected. Let the fun begin! 

More screenshots

Preparing for beta testing

I am implementing few minor UI tweaks based on feedback received from friend-testing. This was the last round of insider QA. The product is stable. Tomorrow I will send out first invitations for private beta testing. If you read this and would like to give it a shot, leave a comment or send an email to

You won’t believe how scared I am to think that a product of 4 months of hard labour will finally run on user devices. All feedback received so far was overwhelmingly positive and everybody is very, very excited about Babelshot and think it has a great future.